Why Choose CCCSOC's Employee Assistance Program?

  1. Services are provided face-to-face at professional sites convenient to the client. Research demonstrates that his is far more effective approach than on-line and telephone programs in improving productivity and resolving employee problems. An Initial appointment is scheduled within three business days of the request; emergency appointments are scheduled within 24 hours.
  2. Network of 150 licensed professional clinicians within the Hudson Valley and NY Metro Region. This allows us to select clinicians best suited to specific needs of the indvidual
  3. Employees, and members of their immediate household, experiencing personal or family problems receive professional assessment and referral services, provided face to face.
  4. Two to three sessions per employee situation are provided at no cost to the client, including assessment, referral and, occasionally, initial treatment. Our clinicians make every effort to refer clients needing extended treatment to professionals covered by the employee’s insurance, whenever possible.
  5. On-call emergency assistance is accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  6. Supervised employee assistance services can be provided upon request with supporting documentation when EAP program participation is mandated by the employer.
  7. Our staff are available and responsive in times of an organizational crisis during which we make every effort to provide services appropriate and responsive to the crisis situation.
  8. Utilizing Corporate Services EAP is more cost effective in providing EAP services than for an employer to maintain its own, in house EAP staff; as we are only retained as needed,maintain a diverse clinical staff with respect to clinical specialty. This third party arrangement fully ensures employee’s confidentiality.
  9. We are large enough to meet the needs of our contract organization however small enough to meet the personal needs of our employers, employees and their families.
  10. We are proud of our 25-year history in providing crucial and ongoing support services to a wide range of individuals, communities, businesses and government and not-for-profit agencies throughout the Hudson Valley and metro north area. Our parent organization, Catholic Charities Services of Orange County, is committed in numerous ways to the region's communities as evidenced by our ongoing work with and support for: children; families; employees; schools; mental health provides; social services agencies; health care provides; government agencies and housing providers.