Problem Gamblers' Recovery Program

Catholic Charities Recovery Center offers gamblers, their families and loved ones, a comprehensive treatment program called Problem Gamblers’ Recovery Program (PGRP) which is aimed at achieving abstinence from problem gambling and enhanced quality of life.  Our clinical services include assessment and individual, family, and group counseling:

Each client who presents at Catholic Charities Recovery Center will be screened for a gambling problem as part of their admission assessment.  If a client scores positively for a possible gambling problem, he/she will then be seen individually for an in-depth assessment of his/her gambling problem.

Individual Treatment Services
Individual treatment is the modality to which the majority of gamblers respond best.  They may, after establishing trust on an individual level, then be encouraged to join support groups. Many clients who have a gambling problem also have a co-existing emotional and/or substance abuse problem.

Additional Treatment Needs
These needs are also addressed in treatment planning and service delivery.

Family Treatment
It is often the spouse or loved one who will seek help first as he/she is often devastated by the gambler’s addiction. Interventions are often effective, once family members receive the education and support that they need. Family treatment is geared toward stabilizing family members, as well as the gambler.

Support Groups
A gambler is encouraged to participate in group counseling when he/she is ready. Family support groups are also offered.

Gamblers are encouraged to attend self-help groups.  Referral to additional community resources is available to gamblers, their families, and professionals.

Catholic Charities Recovery Center offers workshops for the general public, clergy, community agencies, and corporations. Seminars will be provided for human service professionals.

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