Parish Social Ministry, Orange County NY

Catholic Charities collaborates with parishes in providing services to those in need. We are available to help parishes assess needs, evaluate existing service programs, recruit and train volunteers to meet parish needs and facilitate services to the parish from both Catholic Charities and other community based services.

Parish Counseling Network

Parishioners have access to short term professional counseling at convenient locations throughout the Archdiocese through a Parish Counseling Network developed by Catholic Charities.  The Network offers more than 125 licensed counseling professionals to help parishioners through issues and crises that can be successfully addressed by brief counseling support such as marital problems, raising children, eldercare, job loss or bereavement.  Working from private offices, counselors are experienced with an array of difficulties and diverse clientele.  Many of practitioners are bi-lingual in Spanish and English.

Referrals to Network Counseling Services can be made by Pastors, or designated parish staff by calling the Network number.