Employee Assistance Program in Orange County, New York

Employee Assistance Program  Benefits
Why Face-to-Face Intervention
Why Choose CCCSOC

The problems that your employees and their families face have a direct impact on your organization. Corporate Services Employee Assistance Program is a program of the Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange County designed to help resolve workplace issues. For more information call:  (845) 344-5565

When employees are stressed, depressed, suffering from addiction or concerned about a loved one, their work is directly affected:

  • Productivity declines, often significantly
  • Interactions with customers and clients, essential for success, are strained
  • Workplace teamwork and harmony suffer
  • Workplace accidents increase resulting in lost time, medical bills and lawsuits
  • Employee turnover increases, often resulting in loss of valued employees
  • Employee assistance programs, when effectively implemented, have been proven to identify and resolve these obstacles to your organization’s success

Corporate Services EAP can help you and your employees address and resolve these issues confidentially with:

  • Responsive referral through our highly trained and experienced EAP staff
  • Free assessment and initial treatment by licensed clinicians
  • 24 hour hotline for emergency response
  • A network of over 150 proven clinicians in the Hudson Valley and metropolitan New York region

Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange County Employee Assistance Program provides these benefits to many employers and employees throughout the Hudson Valley.